Each Lib Tech shape features a concave deck, rail channels, and a speed texture base finish. Built for comfort. Built for grip. Built to fly!

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  • Been riding it for a year now and still no dings. Loving it.

    – Brian Forcum

  • I like how fast the board is, I also like the feel of it. It paddles like an epoxy board and it is really buoyant, but when your on the wave it feels like a poly. And the pop is incredible, but by far the coolest thing about the Lib Tech surfboard is the deck, its so strong that it doesn't get pressure dents.

    – Laird Tuel, Oregon Ripper

  • It paddles great, duck dives great, rail to rail feels great, the tail is nice and I actually like the concave on the chest area. It generates good speed and responds nicely!

    – Brandon Phillips, Etnies/32 Team Manager and Salt Creek Ripper

  • I can actually loan my Waterboards out and not stress…whenever I loaned a favorite polyester out I was kind of tripping and wanted to get it back ASAP so the window of opportunity for complete or partial destruction of the board would end. 

    – Pete Saari

  • My polyester surfboards were in a constant state of visible decay…somehow a dent, ding or crack every session. Traveling, transporting and surfing Waterboards is basically worry free…my Waterboards are over a year old and they feel just like they did when they were new…a few minor scratches, no dings, lively in the water with lots of pop…kind of amazing. Less worry means more fun.

    – Pete Saari

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  • Do you make longboards, skimboards, wakeboards or SUPs?
    No but our surfboards are great!
  • Why isn’t Kelly riding Lib Techs?
    High Road Answer: We have the utmost respect for Kelly and what he has done as an ambassador for Channel Islands Surfboards. Some day when his chapter with CI is in its twilight, we hope to have the honor of slipping a few Lib Techs into his vast quiver. Real Answer: Are you kidding! If he does anything less than win a World Title every year, you will all blame his new board!
  • Will my screwing habits really stay about the same?
    Our screwing proclamation may be a little inaccurate.  Some surfers may have to screw twice as much, and some will need to screw 6 times as much before surfing.  Many surfer's screwing habits will remain about the same.  Your past screwing habits really do matter: Futures, glass-ons, Bahne, FCS.
  • Why don’t you have registration marks on the fin boxes and fins to help with fin positioning?
    We do.  The checkers are a basic guideline to help with fin positioning.  Just count checkers and half checkers from one end of the fin to the box edge.  Because so many brands of fins can fit our fin boxes, we came up with checkers that can work as a positioning guide with any brand of fins.  And checkers = speed. If you are still confused, try a felt pen.
  • Are the fins adjustable?
    Yes! Industry leading 5 /8ths of an inch fore and aft adjustable positioning, chemically and physically integrated, compatible with Pro Box, FCS, and all FCS dual tab style fins. Start by positioning fins in the center of each micro-option slot. SCREW 6 TIMES BEFORE SURFING. You can fine-tune for wave conditions or your surfing style. Bring fins closer together for looser surfing, spread fins apart for longer arcs, or play with asymmetric fin positioning just because you can. This waterboard comes with a bonus spindly trailing fin which is fun for extra glide speed in small waves, spinning and flying. *Always claim any spinning activity whether intentional or not*