• Been riding it for a year now and still no dings. Loving it.

  • I like how fast the board is, I also like the feel of it. It paddles like an epoxy board and it is really buoyant, but when your on the wave it feels like a poly. And the pop is incredible, but by far the coolest thing about the Lib Tech surfboard is the deck, its so strong that it doesn't get pressure dents.

  • It paddles great, duck dives great, rail to rail feels great, the tail is nice and I actually like the concave on the chest area. It generates good speed and responds nicely!

  • I can actually loan my Waterboards out and not stress…whenever I loaned a favorite polyester out I was kind of tripping and wanted to get it back ASAP so the window of opportunity for complete or partial destruction of the board would end. 

  • My polyester surfboards were in a constant state of visible decay…somehow a dent, ding or crack every session. Traveling, transporting and surfing Waterboards is basically worry free…my Waterboards are over a year old and they feel just like they did when they were new…a few minor scratches, no dings, lively in the water with lots of pop…kind of amazing. Less worry means more fun.

  • Pretty impressive debut: the Bowl, part of the snowboarding brand’s first line of surfboards, is one of the most durable surfboards we’ve ever tested. It’s made from a lightweight composite instead of fiberglass, and the rails are wrapped in rubberized metallic fibers.

  • Awesome board! really fun& fast! get one! Now!!!

  • These boards are incredibly durable, far more environmentally-friendly than the current industry standard, and feel great under your feet. On top of that, they are domestically produced by awesome people who love surfing...

  • Waterboards have revolutionized surfboards for the new generation!

  • My waterboard loves to hit the lip hard and get in deep pits.

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