Lib Tech Fin System

Each Waterboard Includes:

  • 2 M.I.L.F. Technology side fins

    M.I.L.F. Side Fin
  • 1 Lib Standard Trailing fin

    Lib Trailing Fin
  • 1 special bonus Spinfly Trailing fin

    Lib Tech Spinfly Trailing Fin
  • 1 Lib Tech fin key

    Lib Tech Fin Keys

Adjusting the Fins:

Start by positioning fins in the center of each micro-option slot.


You can fine-tune for wave conditions or your surfing style. Bring fins closer together for looser surfing, spread fins apart for longer arcs, or play with asymmetric fin positioning just because you can.

Each waterboard comes with a bonus spinfly trailing fin which is fun for extra glide speed in small waves, spinning and flying.

*Always claim any spinning activity whether intentional or not*

  • Adjustable Fin System - Back
  • Adjustable Fin System - Forward

Fin Adjustment Video:

Fin Candy:

  • Waterboard with Fins
  • Fin Illustration