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701 N. 34th St, Ste #100
Seattle, WA 98103

Hours of Operation
7AM to 7PM PST
(Monday – Thursday)
Toll Free: 877-644-1477
Ph: 206-204-7800
FAX: 206-204-7899



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  • What if I somehow do get a ding?
    In the rare case of a ding, we recommend not repairing unless absolutely necessary.  None of the components in Lib Tech Waterboards will absorb water. We recommend using stickers, wax, hot-melt glue, etc. or anything to avoid polyester, epoxy, sandpaper and sanding.  Dust and sanding sucks.  Polyester, epoxy, and UV resins can all be used if absolutely necessary. We favor epoxy over polyester for strength and safety.  Never let any unhardened resin come in contact with your skin.  Always remember, razor blades instead of sandpaper if possible.
  • Do you offer a warranty on your surfboards?
    No. You bought it, you break it... if you can.