Jamie Lynn

Revolutionary evolutionary snowboard artisan artist. 20 plus years with with Lib Tech.  Jamie’s art satisfies the eye with bold lines, defined subjects and simple colors. You are left inspired, calm and maybe feeling a bit frisky especially if you like cats.  Watch him on a snowboard or with a spray can and a big wall…Jamie takes things head on at full throttle. Raised in Auburn Washington the first art Jamie gave us is a huge purple wave surf painting that was his high school class project…he has been turning in beauties ever since.

Ryan Davis

Ryan D is a hardworking, enthusiastic, thinker.  We usually get one painting a year from Ryan that can be used for about 500 projects.  Mixing loose painterly lines with inspirational photos and his own self styled Poly his art is abstractly to the point.  Ryan will be putting a bird on it long after the Portland hipsters come and go. Ryan’s surf /snow shred energy is bedazzled with an MP like gougeback and a wheeled carry-on method. Ryan is our NW rep follow his adventures on IG.

Quincy Quigg

QQ’s art is as long as his heart is.  A oversized skate rat QQ got his start doing Thrasher envelopes and now does illustrated skate road trips with his Wilkeson homies for the mag when things line up. The self proclaimed goon skates a lot and paints, draws and scribbles when his ankles hurt.  If you like dead things that are full of life and aliens that carry swords in the dark to protect fairly imperfect maidens then Quincy is your man. Knock on the door of the dispensary he lives upstairs.

View Quincy’s Artist Profile on Vimeo