Pete, Mike, Mervin at Otter Rock

Pete Saari, Mike Olson and Mervin Winston Lesley the 3rd at Otter Rock, OR - Circa 1983

It may sound like a long drawn out R&D program, but we’ve been working on alternative surf constructions (non-polyester, non-sailboard) since the early 80’s. There are 5 important reasons why we are launching the Waterboarding Division now:

  1. Industry standard surfboards are too dang fragile. Lib tech will set a new standard for durability. Squeeze our rails!
  2. Industry standard surfboards are too dang toxic to the craftspeople and the environment. Lib Tech will set a new standard of responsibility to surfboard kraftspeople and the environment.
  3. Current industry standard shapes can often be a bit retro-whacky and under performing. Lib Tech will handcraft unique, progressive, high-performance shapes that excel in inverted skysurfing or just trimming down the line (Huntington-Hop not necessary).
  4. Much of the surf industry is outsourcing boards to the cheapest labor markets in the world. All of our boards are handcrafted one at a time by us in the USA with love.
  5. We are very passionate about surfing and still get butterflies when thinking about it.